Hi guys it’s Kaede (*´∇`*)

How was your day ? It was day off for me and I went to shopping for clothes and went to Karaoke by myself 🎤🎶 lol 😂

It was fun but also I felt sad and lonely because I couldn’t see you guys 😵😨

I don’t feel like this is job, I like talking with people and I love give you guys “Happy ending” so much!!! And yeah of course I like when you guys give me “happy ending” hehe😘

❤️TOMORROW (17th February) 12:00 till 22:00❤️

Before you guys fell asleep, I have present for you 😘😘

Good night 😏💜


Thank you for Today🐰💕
I'm waiting you (ฅ'ω'ฅ)🐾




Im Saki 
Nice to meet you :)

Don’t you come to see me??😆💓


This is Miyabi(*゚▽゚)ノ
I am on my way now!

I feel happy today that I changed my nail♡

I will be waiting for you today♡

Im in work from 18 pm to 2 amÙ©(ˊᗜˋ*)و


Today I available 17pm〜23pm⏰
I'm thinking my shift schedule📖( ∩ˇωˇ∩)

Well-established inn in Nara
Buildings are important cultural properties ... It seems to be common in Nara ... ...?
I love Nara
久しぶりの帰省で地元の友達と ぶーらぶら歩いております
ランチだったら 払えそうな金額じゃない???と 店頭で話す女2人……

さすが 奈良大好き 奈良です
久しぶりの帰省で地元の友達と ぶーらぶら歩いております
ランチだったら 払えそうな金額じゃない???と 店頭で話す女2人……

Thanks for last night ❤️

I really enjoyed my first Friday night here :3

I can’t wait to work next Friday already haha 🤣

💚I will work Sunday (17th February) 💚
💚12PM till 10PM !!! 💚

See you soon 😘😘😘

Kaede ❤️


Dear A who lick my ◯◯img

Dear O who stay in Fukuoka for business tripimg
Dear K who could eat Odenimg
Dear K thank you for giving me a lot of chocolatesimg
I hope to see you againimg

Thank you for coming today, Mr. C ♡ 
It was an honor to meet you again!
I was delighted with the gift, but I was most pleased that you came to see me!
 I will do my best in English by the next time ♪ 
Please take care of yourself ♡ 
from nene☆