Thank you for tonight♡

I was delighted to talk with you a lot‼︎

Have a safe trip to Tokyo♡

Sweet dreams♡






Good evening!

It was a nice weather today!

It is my first time in such an early time!

today is 0:00-4:00♡
pleases call me❤️📞⁾⁾


thank you for calling me again💕
I really ...really happy to see you again‼︎
you're still very very handsome💕
still so sexy!soooo wild!!!!!!!!
We did very good feeling much ^^
I'm waiting for next time💕take care!



Thank you for the lovely bouquet flowers
I'm really happy to have them ❤️
Tonight 18:00-1:00
Waiting for your call xx
Karen ♡


thank you for yesterday💕
you're soooo all the time Erotic mood💕
let's have a see you again !!



I'm not good at sight
Moreover, it is suitable for this
When I'm in a hurry before going to work.
It will be impossible for me to fly
I will not touch it
I will not cross
I give up or take a detour
Do you think you have to take a detour if there is time to fight.
But it feels like I lost to a big frog
When such a fluffy girl came
"Because I move frogs, please go in between."
You looked like a super god
In the station with a dash to thank
I caught my biggest cool girl this year
After all I think that girls are cool, are not they
I am going to work from 13 o'clock to 4 o'clock the next day.
It is a bit chilly outside.

Hi guys. How are you recently?
I’m available at 7pm ~ 2am. 
Waiting for your call xoxo

Good morning
I woke up too early as I made a mistake for my alarm..
How can I get sleepy again?
When I am awake like this, it takes forever to get tired again.
Today my attendance time is from 15 o'clock to 23 o'clock so you can not get sleepy at strange hours


Thank you sooooo much!
You are always kind to me♡xoxo
I'm looking forward to seeing you again ;)

Thank you for seeing me today!
You are funny,cute, and gave me fun time ;)
I hope you had a wonderful time.
See you again someday♡xxx