I'm Lisa♪
Tokyo is very cold these days:(
On such a day, I always put on a red lingerie because red color makes us warm and passionate:D
I'll make you hot♡
♡Lisa's schedule♡
1/19 20:00-01:00
1/21 18:00-03:00
1/22 18:00-03:00


It’s very cold today, isn't it?
I'd like to eat something warm. ☆

It'll be the first attendance increasingly tomorrow!!

I'm tense, but I'll heal to the utmost.

I'll wait from 20:00 of tomorrow.

Towa( *˙꒳˙* )


Recently it is very cold especially at night, isn't it?
I've heard it will snow this Friday in Tokyo.
I cannot go out of a kotatsu at home.
Do you know a kotatsu? It is a Japanese traditional heating system.
You will agree with me if you have experienced it!
What are you doing at such a cold night?
Please call me, and I will warm you up!
I'm waiting for you from 7 pm to 11 pm.

I work untill 3:00am♪
See you soon♡

I changed my hair color recently♪

My hair color had been a black(*^^*)

I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight♡

Good Evening!

New face's Towa.


The first attendance is 20:00 on the 20th-23:00.

Please come to play :)


thank you j💕‼︎‼︎
I am happy ^o^
thank you for many time come to me💕
take care your trip^o^!
see you next time💕


I'm available anytime between 18:00 and 23:00 today.

Hi, Pedn😘
You are so enjoyable! And I get you encouragement power 🤗
I love your bringing body soup 💕😘💕
I hope you your hotel is TEIKOKU-hotel when you come to Japan next time 😂

I enjoyed to spend you😍💕


Good morning, Paul👋🏻
Thank you calling me yesterday 💋
You requested a lot of hugs so I was happy...💋
I want you to request much hugs!💕💕💕
See you next time 😘💕