It's Maiko(๑・⃙ᴗ・⃙๑)

I would take your appointment until 2 am today, Looking forward to your

call tonight୧(๑•̀⌄•́๑)૭✧


Dear Mr. N of Ascent Fukuoka

Thank you for using our service yesterday 😊💕

Were you able to enjoy the whole body lip of no hands??

It will be getting colder and colder, so take care of yourself when going to play golf (* '꒳ `*) to avoid low back pain💖

I'm looking forward to seeing you again. ✨✨


It's Maiko(♡*´꒳`*♡)

I'm working today for the first time in a while
I'm back♡ ♡

Today is until 2 o'clock so,
I am still waiting for your call (1 · ⃙ᴗ · ⃙ 1)


r. Y, Thank you for using Sunday 😊💕

I'm sorry I have not received my thank you m (_ _) m

Y story, It was a lot of fun ✨✨

Have you enjoyed Delihel after a long time?

I am looking forward to seeing you again.



Thank you for using Sunday 😊💕

Sorry it took a while to respond m (__) m

Were you able to reach your satisfactory limits?

I am looking forward to seeing you again. 💖


Good morning.

I am on work at 12: 00-18: 00 today.

Mr. Gentlemen of the reservation, let's meet later.


Thank you for using yesterday 😊💕
M 's play was soft and comfortable ✨✨

Did you go to ramen after that?


Mr. T, KKR Hakata, thank you for yesterday 😊💕

I was thrilled to get excited ✨✨

Did you enjoy playing? 

Please be licked longer next time 💖


thank you for yesterday nitht💕
I'm happy to meet you!!!
you're amazing sugoi Massage technician‼︎
you're makes me very relax💕
I hope see you next time‼︎
take care!!!



thank you for yesterday night💕
I'm really happy to meet you again!!!'re lips and body still sweets💕

Always thank you very much for your fun time.💕‼︎

Also thank you very much for perfume of the nice fragrance.💕and..lovery chocolate!

Have a nice you're japan trip^_^!